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Mira prinz-arey

for city council, Ward B

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“Mira has proven her dedication to her community, and I know she will work each and every day for the people of Ward B.”
— Mayor Steven Fulop
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MEET mira

From the time I was a kid, “service” has been my family’s motto and mission. My father, a well-respected public school teacher who was a tireless advocate for his students, and my mother, who inspired my love of the arts, taught us the importance of giving back. All my life, I’ve strived to get involved and do my part.

After moving to Jersey City with my husband, Howard, I did just that. I joined the Jersey City Food Coop and joined my neighborhood association, eventually becoming a board member; became a trustee of the West Side Community Alliance and co-founded WSCA’s farmer’s market, served on the executive board of the Jersey City Parks Coalition, and co-created West Side Arts & Music, which showcases local artists and musicians and produces the free Lincoln Park Live summer music series. I am currently a committee woman for Ward B, District 9. I was extremely honored and humbled when Council President Rolando Lavarro presented me with the Woman of Action Award in 2016.

Now, driven by that spirit of service, I’m running for city council, and I’m asking you to join me in making Ward B a vibrant, viable area through community empowerment. Together we can improve public safety and overall quality of life. Whether you’re a Jersey City native or have come to discover and love this city the way I do, I am ready to get to work for you.




The many organizations I’ve been honored to be a part of have helped me get to know my Ward B neighbors and what they want and need for our community. And I’ve witnessed how, by each of us coming together and doing our part, we can affect change and lift each other up. As councilwoman, I will continue to be a voice and advocate for Jersey City's most diverse neighborhood. . 


working with the community and city hall

Together, we can address important quality-of-life issues like street cleaning, parking, and transportation. As your representative, I will highlight these concerns, seek out solutions, and work with council colleagues and the mayor to improve the neighborhoods of Ward B.

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keeping streets safer

In the past few years, Jersey City has made great strides in increasing the number of police officers in local precincts and making sure their ranks are as diverse as the community they serve. I fully support a police force that is focused on community policing and uses a data-driven approach to targeting crime.

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SAfeguarding City-Owned Open Space

Our public parks are one of Jersey City’s greatest treasures. Through my work with the Jersey City Parks Coalition, West Side Community Alliance, and Friends of Audubon Park, I have helped to make sure these spaces were well-maintained and enjoyed by all. As councilwoman, I will continue to find creative ways to beautify our public areas and keep them safe.


Protecting Jersey City’s Kids

The future depends on taking care of our children. Through West Side Arts & Music, WSCA’s Farmer’s Market, and other local organizations, I have created events, outlets, and even jobs to foster creativity and self-esteem. By backing similar extracurricular activities, I aim to keep our youth engaged and involved.


This election is about moving Ward B forward, and we need you to help make that happen! Sign up today to join Mira's Team.

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